Three Signs You Need New Windows

Are you concerned about the windows in your home? While many homeowners upgrade their windows purely because of aesthetics, new windows can also be a necessity. Window damage can lead to heating and cooling loss, which increases energy bills. The following are three signs that your old windows need replaced: #1: Condensation between panes Many homes have double or even triple-pane windows, which provide some insulation and are more energy efficient. Read More 

4 Reasons To Outfit Your Storefront With Impact Windows

If your storefront's windows have seen better days, consider having them replaced with new impact windows. There are a variety of good reasons to do so such as: Protection From Storms and Misconduct By having your storefront outfitted with new impact windows, you'll effectively protect everything that is in your store, including merchandise and customers, from major storms throughout the year. Made of shatterproof glass, your impact windows will help keep debris, rocks, and other heavy objects from busting through into your store and damaging your merchandise or hurting customers who may have been shopping as the storm hit. Read More