Three Signs You Need New Windows

Are you concerned about the windows in your home? While many homeowners upgrade their windows purely because of aesthetics, new windows can also be a necessity. Window damage can lead to heating and cooling loss, which increases energy bills. The following are three signs that your old windows need replaced:

#1: Condensation between panes

Many homes have double or even triple-pane windows, which provide some insulation and are more energy efficient. Unfortunately, the seal between the panes can eventually fail. When this happens, you will likely notice condensation building up between the panes. Not only is this unattractive and impossible to clean, it also means that the windows are no longer insulating. There are services that will dry the condensation and vent the panes so it doesn't occur again, but this doesn't restore the insulation value. Of course, if you have single pane windows this will never be an issue, but you should still consider upgrading to new windows since single-pane windows result in a lot of energy loss.

#2: Frame damage

The frames are actually an important part of the window. Wood frames are most likely to suffer damage; wood rot means that moisture has penetrated the wood and is causing it to fall apart. There is no option but to replace the window if the wood frame begins to rot. Although more durable, aluminum and vinyl frames can also suffer damage. Cracks and holes in vinyl or dents in aluminum can lead to gaps or places where the caulking no longer seals correctly. This will let air into or out of your home, resulting in higher energy usage to heat or cool your home. If the frames are damaged and a repair isn't likely to help, then the time for new windows has likely arrived.

#3: Simple aging

Older windows can have a lot of things working against them. Over time, glass sometimes clouds; this could be due to coatings applied to the windows, improper cleaning at some point, or living in a windy area where blowing sand or grit has etched the glass on the outside. Replacement is the only solution for clouded glass. Window frames can also warm as they age, making them fit improperly into the wall so they are difficult or impossible to open and close. Warped frames also usually result in air gaps and energy loss.

If you are ready to look at new replacement windows, contact a company like Economy Glass Inc for more information.