4 Tips On Receiving Auto Glass Replacement

When you want to properly fix your windshield, there are a variety of points that you will want to keep in mind. The points laid out below will teach you all about the importance of acting expeditiously in replacing your windshield, what you should bear in mind when hiring a windshield replacement contractor, how much this work will cost and more. To find out more about windshield replacement and how you should go about it, read on and put these points into action. Read More 

3 Unique Tips For Spotless Window Cleaning

Keeping your home's windows clean can be tedious. In some cases, store bought cleaners simply do not get the job done effectively. Additionally, these cleaners may leave behind unpleasant odors and contain strong chemicals like ammonia. If you want to try out something new, read on to learn three unique tips for spotless window cleaning. One: Use White Vinegar And Hot Water Vinegar is an ideal natural cleaner for many different reasons. Read More 

What To Do If A Bird Goes Through Your Windshield

Think it can't happen? One motorist in Massachusetts had to deal with a turkey demolishing his windshield, while one in the Netherlands was not only left with a gaping hole in the glass, but was bitten by the goose that did the damage. Turkeys and geese may be larger than seagulls and crows, but all birds can be dangerous projectiles when they collide with a car and can easily shatter windshield glass. Read More 

How To Replaced Foggy Or Cracked Double Pane Insulating Window Glass

If you have a cracked or foggy double insulated glass window panes, you don't have to replace the whole window. Insulating glass is two glass panes that have an air pocket between them to serve as insulation for your home, so it is important that you replace the panes right away to keep energy costs low. Here are some tips to replace double insulated window panes.   Prepare to Work Read More 

Ways You Can Protect Your Cracked Windshield From Further Damage

Once you get that first little chip on your windshield, your vehicle is at risk for more glass damage. Spiderweb cracks, growing chips, and compromised windshield protection are all things you need to worry about as you drive around. The best way to take care of a damaged windshield is to take your car to an auto glass repair technician, but if it will be a few days or weeks before you can have your windshield addressed, you want to keep your car protected so you don't incur further cracks and chips. Read More