Types Of Shower Door Glass

Shower doors make up a massive part of your bathroom's appearance. Though glass is the most common type of material used in constructing shower doors thanks to its unique material qualities, there are a number of different types of glass that are used for shower doors. Each type of glass has a distinctive set of advantages and drawbacks, and understanding the differences between each variant can help you choose the best type of shower door glass for your bathroom.

Clear Glass

The most common type of glass used in the construction of shower doors, clear glass, like its name would suggest, is completely see-through. This quality means that it will not obstruct the view into the shower enclosure, which helps allow natural light to spread throughout the bathroom. Thus, while you can show off the tiling or other designs within your bathroom, you also have less privacy when you are inside the enclosure.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is another common type of shower door glass that is textured through sandblasting on one side. This method creates a translucent finish that allows for some light to pass through the glass, while still obscuring your view through the glass. Additionally, frosted glass can be done in a wide variety of different patterns and colors to create a unique, custom aesthetic within your bathroom.

Hammered Glass

Hammered glass is another type of textured glass that is indented repeatedly on one side of the surface, creating the appearance of several hammer blows. This feature allows for light to be refracted from several different angles when passing through the shower door, creating a unique aesthetic while still maintaining the clear appearance of common glass.

Rain Glass

Rain glass is similar to hammered glass but is textured to create the appearance of raindrops running down the glass through a series of ridges and valleys. This quality helps obscure minor blemishes and fingermarks that can mar the appearance of clear glass shower doors.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass is the last common type of shower door glass and, like its name would suggest, is tinted to prevent light from passing through it. This tint affords a greater degree of privacy than all other types of shower door glass, except for frosted glass. Tinted glass can be customized in color, with darker colors affording you more privacy, as well as opacity, meaning that you can easily match the appearance of your shower door to the theme of the rest of your bathroom.

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