What To Look For In Good Auto Glass Repairs

There is often a lot of talk about how easy it is to replace a windshield. However, what is the process of getting other auto glass repaired? For example, what if someone breaks into your car through your driver's side window? Or a small rock could easily shatter your car's rear window--what then? An import note with all auto glass replacement is that time is of the essence. Leaving a car window open could mean big damages for your auto interior or even stolen valuables. Here are a few tips to think about the next time you need an auto glass replacement.

Look for Upfront Pricing 

There are many auto glass repair companies that are very upfront and honest with their work and quotes. It would be wise of you as a consumer to find a company that will give you a price and then not stray from it.

Power Window Repairs

Some older mom and pop glass repair companies have been known to have a hard time with power window repairs. Windows of cars with manual controls are usually much easier to repair, while automatic windows can get jammed if the window breaks. This electrical factor can sometimes stump some glass replacement companies, but others will have the knowhow to overcome the obstacle.


It really should not take too long to replace a basic car window. The turnaround time should be pretty quick since the longer the vehicle is without the window, the more likely other damages are to surface. Granted, a good auto glass repair place will have lots of business, but a regular car window replacement will probably happen in less than a week. 

Thorough Cleanup

Depending on how the glass in your car broke, there may be shards or chunks of tempered glass within your vehicle. Professional glass repair companies will offer to thoroughly clean the glass from the interior of your car, most likely free of charge. Once you have gotten your car back and recognize that the replacement is functional and the car clean, it is a good idea to leave that company a helpful review, so that they can do the service for others.

In conclusion, while there are many companies that can offer to replace your auto glass, not all are created equal. Ask them about all of the previously mentioned components before committing to do business with them. To learn more, contact your local auto glass repair service.