Several Things To Know About Adding A Glass Rack To Your Van

If your job requires you to regularly transport large panes of glass, investing in sturdy glass racks for your van can be an effective way of increasing your capacity for transporting glass. While you may not be very familiar with this type of upgrade, there are several pieces of information that you may want to review so that you can be better prepared for adding these racks to your work van.

Will The Glass Rack Be Installed On The Interior Or Exterior Of The Van?

Individuals will often be leery of installing glass racks due to the assumption that these racks will only be able to be placed on the exterior of the van. Yet, it is possible to install these racks on the interior so that the glass can be kept safe from flying debris. To make reaching these pieces of glass easier, interior racks are often designed to be movable. If the interior of your van is not large enough to accommodate these glass rack systems or the pane sizes you will be using, placing the racks on the exterior may be the best option. Luckily, you can still protect the panes of glass from debris with covers that can be fitted over these racks.

Will The Weight Of The Glass Rack Damage The Van?

You might assume that the glass racks will be extremely heavy and that this could be damaging to the van. However, it is possible to opt for high strength aluminum glass racks. These racks will be strong enough to hold most medium-sized panes of glass, and they will add a minimal amount of weight to it. If you need to move large or particularly heavy panes of glass, it may be necessary to opt for glass racks that are made of strong metals such as steel.

How Many Panes Of Glass Will The Glass Rack Be Able To Accommodate?

Those that are considering adding a glass rack to their vehicle may assume that the rack will only be able to accommodate a single pane of glass. Yet, these racks can be designed to safely hold several panes of glass. When you are choosing a type of glass rack for your van, you will need to consider the average amount of glass that you will need to transport so that you can choose a glass rack system that will be able to accommodate these needs. Otherwise, you may be tempted to fit multiple panes of glass into the same rack, which could make it much more likely to be damaged.