Four Types Of Shower Doors

Shower doors are a major part of your bathroom's aesthetic. Shower doors can be broadly categorized into four main groups. If you are looking to freshen up your bathroom, or are installing a new shower enclosure, you should know the differences between the available types of shower doors and what they have to offer.

Sliding Doors

Sliding shower doors are doors that, like their name suggests, are attached to tracks which they slide along. This makes them ideal for use in bathtub showers or in showers that are installed in an alcove, as they require a wide opening to function. They can also be easily retrofitted onto a bathtub shower during a remodeling. They are ideal for small bathrooms, as there does not need to be extra room to allow for the door to swing outwards. However, due to the nature of their construction, they are not ideal for shower enclosures or corner showers.

Round Doors

Round doors provide a smooth aesthetic within your bathroom, and help to extend the amount of shower space within a shower enclosure when compared to a flat door. This makes them ideal for small bathrooms with corner showers. However, they are most commonly used with curved shower walls, which can be more expensive when compared to traditional flat walls and can drive up material costs of your shower.

Neo-Angle Doors

Neo-angle doors are used specifically in neo-angle showers, which are corner shower enclosures made out of three panels. Like round doors, this is down to maximize the amount of shower space, which makes them ideal for small bathrooms. This three paneled look is sleek and modern, but the door functionally works just like a pivot door would. However, because they require specialized enclosures for installation, neo-angle doors tend to be on the more expensive side of the spectrum. Additionally, neo-angle doors can only be used in corner shower enclosures, which limits their applicability to some bathrooms.

Pivot Doors

Perhaps the most common type of shower door, pivot doors swing outwards like any normal interior door. Unlike round or neo-angle doors, pivot doors do not require a special enclosure to fit into, and can be easily retrofitted onto bathtubs and showers. They are ideal for standalone showers and corners, and can be used in areas that are too narrow to accommodate sliding doors. Of course, they do not offer the same modern aesthetic as neo-angle or round doors. Contact a business, such as Master Glass & Mirror LLC, for more information.