Drafty Home? 3 Easy Ways to Test Your Windows

When the weather begins to cool, it is important to include window checks on your list of regular home maintenance. Checking your windows to see if they are culprits in making your home drafty is an easy thing that anyone can do, even if you are not familiar with any type of home repair. There are several very easy ways you can analyze your home and windows to see if the glass is keeping the cool air out.

1. Look at the Window from the Outside

To check the efficiency of your windows, one of the first things you can do is look at them from the outside of your home. See if there are any areas of rot around the window frame. If you notice that the paint is beginning to peel away around the window, it could signal moisture getting in through the windows and ultimately making its way inside the house. This can mean cooler temperatures inside.

2. Feel around the Glass for Draftiness

Another way to know whether or not your windows are efficient is to check for a draft. This can be done very easily with a candle. Light the candle and hold it near the window. If the flame begins to flicker, you know that air is getting inside. In some instances, the draft is so significant that you only need to place your hand near the glass to feel the cold air getting in. Improper installation, an aging window, or a bad frame that needs to be replaced can cause this draftiness.

3. Check for Jumps in Your Heating Bill

You can also tell that there is a problem not by looking directly at the windows, but by checking for jumps in your heating bill. Your thermostat automatically adjusts for the decrease in temperature, which can result in your heating unit remaining on longer than normal. This is due to the need to compensate for the cold air getting inside through the drafty windows. While you are looking at your bill, check for the actual amount of fuel or electricity that you are consuming. This is a solid indicator that more effort is needed to heat your home, thus indicating a problem.

If you begin to notice any of these issues at your home, it means that you may need to consider replacing some or all of your windows and glass. Consult glass professionals through a website like http://www.unitedglassaurora.com to get an idea of the costs and options available to you.