Ways You Can Protect Your Cracked Windshield From Further Damage

Once you get that first little chip on your windshield, your vehicle is at risk for more glass damage. Spiderweb cracks, growing chips, and compromised windshield protection are all things you need to worry about as you drive around. The best way to take care of a damaged windshield is to take your car to an auto glass repair technician, but if it will be a few days or weeks before you can have your windshield addressed, you want to keep your car protected so you don't incur further cracks and chips. Here are ways you can protect your cracked windshield from further damage while you wait for automotive glass repairs. 

Drive slowly

While you are driving around with a cracked or chipped windshield, you want to watch your speed on the road. The faster you drive, the more wind resistance you place on your compromised windshield, which can cause the damage to spread. Higher speeds are also more likely to result in other vehicles accidentally hitting your vehicle with debris, where even a tiny rock can become dangerous. Try to avoid the freeway until you can get your windshield fixed, or drive in the slow lane with a large distance between you and other vehicles to protect your windshield on the road.

Cover your car

Even at rest, that crack in your windshield can grow surprisingly easily. Moisture, dirt, and even the sun can cause a damaged windshield to get worse. This is because of the way windshields are designed. Windshields are comprised of 2 pieces of glass for optimum protection, and when you have an existing crack, dirt, moisture, and even the sun's rays can get in between the layers and make cracks and chips even worse. Cover your vehicle with a blanket or custom cover to keep your windshield free of further damage until you can get it in for repairs.

Avoid bumpy roads

Speed bumps, railroad tracks, and bumpy dirt roads can make a cracked windshield spread easily. Try to only drive on paved roads and stay clear of potholes to keep your windshield safe until you can get an auto glass repairman to inspect the damage. You can even call a repairman to visit you on-site if you happen to see the damage getting worse while you are driving.

You want your windshield to be as safe as possible, and when it is cracked you should be extra cautious. Try to use these tips to protect your vehicle until you can get windshield repair performed on your auto glass.