Attracting Customers To Your Consignment Shop With Storefront Glass Displays

If you own a home decor consignment shop, the right advertising is key to attracting customers. You'll want to create a wow factor as soon as they walk through the door. One way to invite the right clientele inside is to put your best items and products front and center behind a storefront display. In addition, you'll also want to safely display other items throughout the store to enhance sales. Here are some ways to attract new customers by creating a focal point throughout your store to promote your items.  

Frequently Adding New Items To The Glass Storefront Display

The main glass display window at the front of your store will be the first place potential customers will glance at to decide if they even want to walk through the door. This is where you should highlight some of your best pieces to grab the attention of customers. If your store focuses on vintage items or antiques, place some of your nicest pieces here. Study market trends in your business field. If topiaries and vintage painted dressers are well sought after, these are the items you'll want to showcase. Create a vignette—or small grouping of home decor pieces along with some of your larger items such as tables and chairs. Promoting your nicest items front and center will increase your chances of attracting buying customers.

Offering Consignors Locked Glass Display Cabinets

If you have a lot of consignors that bring in their personal antique items for sale, they'll want to make sure their items are safe while being displayed. Don't forget to always handle fragile antiques and collectibles with care when placing and removing them from a display case. Having a set of locked glass display cabinets, allow consignors to bring in smaller treasures such as:

  • Jewelry
  • Dolls
  • Vintage toys
  • Artifacts
  • Antique items
  • Coins

A locked, lighted cabinet will provide adequate visibility and added protection around the clock.   

Showcasing Glass Checkout Display Cases

One last way to get customers to stop and look at some of your top-dollar items, is to display them while they're waiting to check out. Glass display cases under your cash register is a great way to showcase some of your best consignment items. Antique and higher priced items can be placed here so they are monitored throughout the day.

Promoting Upcoming Seasonal Items And Sales

Creating a visible glass display unit in the middle or rear of your store allows you to present additional inventory as well as promote seasonal items that may be on sale or going on sale soon. You can also create a sign that shows special offers or upcoming discounts on specific items storewide.   

Glass allows you to break the barriers of limited advertising. Creating a see-through area displaying the products you offer in the store allows items to easily sell themselves. 

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