4 Tips To Help With Repairs And Renovations Of Old Wood Windows

Window improvements are popular renovation projects, which can consist of replacing and installing new windows. This may be something that you are considering, which with wood windows you are in luck because these are durable windows that can be updated with repairs and improvements. You may want to have things like window glazing done, as well as repairs like replacing damaged window panes. You can also have your windows updated with new glass for improved performance. Here are some tips to help you with repairs and renovation of your old wood windows:

1. Improving Windows With Repairs And New Glazing For Glass

Glazing of windows is the putty-like material that holds window panes in place. This is common with older windows that have a grid design. It is also used on many other style windows, which eventually will wear out and needs to be replaced. If you have loose window panes, it may be time to have a window glazing done, which can also include other repairs and a new coat of paint for the wood trim around and on the windows. If your windows do not have conventional glazing, they probably have caulking, which may also need to be repaired.

2. Give Old Glass Modern Efficiency With The Addition Of Film And Tint

Some old glass may be single-pane, which can greatly reduce the energy efficiency of your home. For some homeowners, replacing all the windows or glass may be too costly of a project. The modern window tints that are available today, can also be used for the windows in your home. They are designed to reduce energy loss and can give your home other benefits, such as improved privacy and reducing glare in areas with direct sunlight.

3. Improve Windows With Replacement Glass That Is More Efficient

You may also want to improve glass of your home, which may be worth the investment if there is a lot of glass that needs to be replaced. When having the repairs done, talk with the window contractor about double-paned and energy efficiency replacement glass for your windows. The addition of new glass can improve the performance of your windows and help make your home more energy efficient.

These are some tips that will help you with the repairs and renovations of your old wood windows. If you have old wood windows that are in need of repair, contact a glass repair contractor like Griggs & Son Glass & Mirror to renovate them.