Beautiful Ideas For Updating Your Entryway

The entryway to your house provides guests with their first impressions of your home. Indeed, passersby may also judge the aesthetics of your house by the entry. In short, this space has a big impact on a house's curb appeal. Add to the curb appeal of your home by making beautiful updates to the entryway.

Replace the Windows

The windows in your house not only impact your energy bill but also the look of the exterior. Naturally, crumbling or buckling panes add an air of disrepair. However, the right windows can also complement the façade. For example, a contemporary home benefits from large sheets of glass installed in sleek panes. Conversely, traditional or historical homes look better with light-hued panes, especially wooden or wood-look materials. Arched windows also lend a classical appeal.

The placement of the windows is significant as well. For instance, sidelights comprised of multiple panes enhance a plain door. For even more drama, consider adding a transom window above the door. Go semi-circular for that classical feel. Alternatively, emphasize the height of your house with a tall window above the door.

Change the Door

Speaking of doors, changing yours out definitely changes the look of your entryway. Just exchanging the color changes the message. For example, a red front door is very welcoming. Choose a deep fuchsia or eggplant door, though, and the message becomes more whimsical. The design is also important. Craftsman style doors tend to be traditional, as are French doors. A door made of stacked panes of glass feels more modern.

Add Architectural Details

A plain entryway can make your home recede into the background. However, adding a few architectural details can make the house's unique architecture stand out. For example, Better Homes and Gardens describes adding a pediment and brackets to a Gothic Revival-style home. The additions add presence to the entryway. A bigger change is installing dormer windows above the entryway. This is ideal to break up large expanses of roofline. Pedestals with planters or other accent pieces are another method for adding architectural drama to the entryway.

Make Over the Porch

Many entryways are part of a porch, which has great impact on their overall ambience. Sometimes just changing the railing on your porch is enough of an update. For instance, replace a boring railing with one that features geometric appeal. Another option is changing out the furniture. Colorful furniture is very welcoming, while classic materials such as wicker and wrought iron speak to a traditional entryway. Finally, ensure the lighting is adequate by including a track light for the front door itself but also ambient lighting for the porch as a whole.

Details such as new windows or a fresh door have significant impact on the curb appeal of your home.

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