3 Unique Tips For Spotless Window Cleaning

Keeping your home's windows clean can be tedious. In some cases, store bought cleaners simply do not get the job done effectively. Additionally, these cleaners may leave behind unpleasant odors and contain strong chemicals like ammonia. If you want to try out something new, read on to learn three unique tips for spotless window cleaning.

One: Use White Vinegar And Hot Water

Vinegar is an ideal natural cleaner for many different reasons. The acidity level in vinegar kills cuts through dirt, oil, and other substances that taint your windows. This makes it an inexpensive and effective solution for cleaning your windows.

  1. Mix an equal amount of hot water and white distilled vinegar in an empty spray bottle. One cup of each ingredient should make a sufficient amount of cleaner.

  2. Spray your windows thoroughly with this solution.

  3. Use a squeegee, sponge, or microfiber cloth to dry the windows.

You may notice a few streaks, smudges, or hard-to-clean spots. For these troublesome areas, dip a cloth into undiluted white vinegar. Rub the cloth onto the spots to eliminate them.

Two: Use Newspaper Instead Of Paper Towels

If you do not have microfiber cloths or a squeegee on hand, you may tend to use paper towels for window cleaning. Unfortunately, paper towels leave behind lint on glass surfaces. This makes paper towels a less-than-perfect tool if you want truly spotless windows. Fortunately, there is a cheap alternative that you can find in your home.

Newspaper is great for window cleaning because this material does not produce lint. The fibers in newspaper are dense, so they do not cause scratches. Next time you clean your windows, try using newspaper and your preferred liquid cleaner to get a shiny, lint-free finish.

Three: Use Rubbing Alcohol And Dish Soap

Rubbing alcohol is another great window cleaning agent that you can find in your bathroom cabinet. Like vinegar, rubbing alcohol cuts through grime and oil that collects on windows. Dish soap is designed to cut through grease, so adding a bit to your window cleaner can do wonders. Try mixing one cup of hot water, one cup of rubbing alcohol, and a few small drops of dish soap in a spray bottle. Follow the instructions given in the "White Vinegar And Hot Water" section to get the best results.

Additional Tips For Window Maintenance

Every time you clean your windows, perform a quick inspection to see if there are any scratches, nicks, or cracks. Do not dismiss these flaws, even if they are barely noticeable. Glass damage can easily spread, and this leaves your windows vulnerable to severe damage or shattering. Call a glass repair company as soon as you notice any damage. You can promptly get repairs or replacements so that your home windows continue to look spotless. Contact a business that handles glass repair for more information.